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robert-pattinson-megan-foxIn a coupling that would make teenage boys and girls weep with the force of 1000 vampire tears, Megan Fox–tattooed, potty-mouthed, and recklessly hot–and Robert Pattinson–well-coiffed heartthrob and star of many an adolescent locker–are said to be, well, hooking up.

Who knows if this is true; and for the purposes of a fashion blog, who really cares?  The real story here is in the clothes.

On her recent publicity tour for her summer blockbuster Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen, Fox made appearances in luscious red lips, hourglassed fuschia frocks, and leggy, backless evening gowns.  Translation:  I have a smokin’ bod.  Na na na na boo boo.

Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, often sports the uniform of a louche man-about-town:  slim suits, high hair, the sly look of a man-boy on the prowl.  The star of the Twilight franchise rocks a self-professed “expensive but disheveled” look, which often results in an outfit of all-black.  Translation:  don’t look at me.  But hey:  why aren’t you looking?

Are these two rising style stars compatible?  While Pattinson channels a certain under-the-radar Hollywood glam–think Clooney, not dandy–Fox is working the Angelina Jolie-via-Jennifer Lopez look.  Sound combustible?  That’s because this pairing probably is.

As of this weekend, I was the only person on the planet who had yet to view the film Twilight.

But now that I’ve moved out of the proverbial darkness and into the light (shouldn’t that be the other way around?), I’m high-school movie crushing on Twilight‘s soundtrack and storyline.  And after my husband turned to me halfway through the film and said, “I like Edward’s coat,” I figured the film’s costumes were a phenomenon too.

twilight-kristen-stewart-robert-pattinsonSearching for “Twilight fashion” yields approximately 27.5 million results; if you’re interested in tracking down exactly what the characters are wearing, imitating their style, or fan-girling yourself out in Twilight gear, here are the best of the bunch.

In Style magazine presents a slideshow of Twilight looks, interspersed with commentary from the film’s costume designer Wendy Chuck.  (That coat my husband admired?  Custom-made.  But if you’re in the market for other pieces from the character’s wardrobes, most of the clothing was sourced from affordable discount fashion and thrift stores.)  For a interview detailing the wardrobe challenges presented by the Oregon weather, click here.

The Cullen Closet links to exactly what the characters are wearing–including some reasonable facsimiles–so you can purchase your very own collection of Edward’s brooding gray tees.

Or, you can just turn the Cullens into paper dolls:  members of the fashion community Polyvore have assembled over 450 collages of what the vampire family would be caught dead wearing.

If you’re hardcore, you might consider getting a Twilight tattoo; I think I’ll just wear a Twilight t-shirt to New Moon opening night.

But as anyone who’s seen the film already knows, it’s all about the coats.

Photo credit:  InStyle, via Deana Newcomb/Summit Entertainment