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Christian Siriano fans! Rejoice!

The word on the street is his SS10 show was fierce!  However, are we surprised by this?

We discovered him when he was a contestant on the Project Runway.  During that show he came off as fierce as his designs.

The great thing about Siriano’s work is the range of what he’s creates.  You can find his designs in high end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue but also in budget conscious shoe stores like Payless Shoe Source.

The buzz is that Christian truly came into his own with this collection and matured with this collection.

His Spring 2010 collection was inspired by Mediterranean travel.  Many of the pieces in this collection were made with an aerial shot of the Italian coast in both ocean blue and fire red.  I liked the colors more than the neutrals.

However, this shimmery tan suit caught my eye.  I think it’s just lovely.

My favorite pieces were the vibrant blues like this beautiful flouncy dress:

Very nice work Christian!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

You can see more shots from Christian’s SS10 show on, at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week site or here:

You can also find the Christian Siriano shoe collection at

I’m partial to these great ankle boots from last season!

Christian Siriano for Payless Slither Boot

Christian Siriano for Payless Slither Boot

So what do you think of Christian’s SS10 collection?

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There’s a certain time in between seasons before you trade your sandals for your fall and winter boots.  This is normally when the classic ballet flats come in.  They are perfect for the transition into fall and can be worn when it is still warm out and cover your toes when the weather begins to cool down. There are many versions of the ballet flat, but below are some of my favorites under $100.


Just like the little black dress, every woman needs a pair of basic black flats.  The Kobraa from Steve Madden in Black Patent ($49.99)  has always been my choice for a comfortable yet chic look.  The thing I love most about this style is that it also comes in gold, snakeskin, and many other colors and patterns.


A little embellishment is a great look for these stylish shoes.  Here is another great pair by Steve Madden.  The Kazler in Pewter ($89.95) is a fun choice to jazz up an outfit.


You can never go wrong with metallic… especially with these Minx Metallic pair from Topshop ($50).


The zippered flower detail on this pair of Madden Girl Jasper flats ($39.95) adds edge to the feminine shoe.  Affordable price + fashion forward style = perfection.


It’s hard to imagine what you cannot buy online these days.  Most everything you could possibly want is available with a simple click of a button.  Loeffler Randall and Jessie Randall, the masterminds behind the footwear brand Loeffler Randall, took this idea into mind when deciding to launch the company’s own online store on its website at  The site, which relaunched today features a large collection of flats and its widely-popular boots, as well as its line of accessories and clothing.

“Loeffler Randall has become a cult brand, but no one [retailer] can show the full embodiment and vision of the brand,” said Randall. “On the website, we’re able to show all that.”

The website will also feature a fashion blog by the designer, behind-the-scenes video, and look books.

Article and Photo Source: WWD

zappos-logoAs far as breaking retail news goes, this one came out of nowhere:  in a deal that has now become public, Amazon has purchased popular online shoe and apparel company for around $900 million USD.  (Most of Zappos’ compensation is in Amazon stock, which makes the exact value of the the transaction hard to pin down.)

That’s a lot of sneakers.

amazon-logoRumors about the deal abound, but many spectators suspect Amazon of swallowing up their greatest competition.  Zappos has dazzled customers with its huge selection of brands, competitive pricing, friendly customer service, and what has become its signature–free, fast shipping.  The only other online retailer that comes close to hitting this mark is–you guessed it–Amazon.  Add to this Zappos’ legendary employee loyalty and zany corporate culture, and it seems like a valuable property indeed.

According to a Wall Street Journal source,

…the two companies had been in tallks for months…Amazon’s logic in the deal, this person added, was to take out its largest competitor in the apparel space. One fear was that Zappos would branch out into new categories, eventually posing a bigger threat to Amazon, which itself began solely as an online bookseller.

So let the questions begin:  this ZDNet article does a good job of parsing the issues, which include the fate of Amazon’s own shoe branch, and the independence (or lack thereof) of Zappos’ current management, culture, and website.

Who will Amazon buy next?  Looks like they might be going on a shopping spree.

Were Crocs ever cool? Crocs are fading into history fast only lasting a year on the now scene and the feet of kids.  The adults who imagined croc coolness and wore them were actually pretty much being chuckled at behind their backs.  I mean George W Bush wore them can you imagine Obama and Michelle donning a pair? I doubt it!

The question now becomes can the company that created Crocs survive? Coming up with new designs may not be enough according to some researchers.

According to the Washington Post, Croc has laid off 2,000 workers and has a mountain of debt.

They are trying to find a re-finance plan.  It sounds pretty dire to most casual readers.  However John H. Duerden, the CEO for Croc made an impassioned defense of his company on his blog and sited expanding sales and web traffic as evidence the comfortable and durable plastic boat shoes would survive.

He also pointed out a lot of people like to take shots at the success story companies.  I guess I am one of them, sorry John your shoes are ugly.  Make them pretty and small enough to look nice on my feet and we might talk!  He does point out that they have expanded too fast and there are different styles of Crocs but I still don’t like them, SORRY! I do understand that people who spend a lot of time on their feet or who are recovering from injuries find them relieving.

Maybe its time for a less durable and more fashionable shoe line!

octomom-tory-burch-flatsFirst things first:  I don’t know Octomom.  I don’t know anyone that knows Octomom.  I don’t even think I want to know Octomom.  (Five minutes alone in a room with her and all those sobbing babies would be enough to turn me into a sobbing baby.)

But there’s no denying that Octomom–the nickname given to Nadya Suleman after she gave birth to eight babies conceived through in vitro fertilization–has captured the world’s attention.  Despite reports that she was (and still is) receiving public financial assistance for her family, Octomom has made sure that she’s well-dressed, dropping an estimated $1500 on herself during one shopping spree, and sporting $200 Tory Burch flats in recent photos.

In an act of generosity (and publicity), clothing company Custom Kingdom offered Octomom’s brood free clothing for a year–an offer that she promptly rejected.  In a hint of what she might have up her sleeve, Suleman trademarked the name “Octomom,” which will be used in a line of Octomom-branded apparel for adults and kids.  (No word on whether the line will include maternity clothes.)  Given the fact that she’s also shopping a reality show about her life, we may see a lot more of Octomom’s style choices in the near future.

big-blue-dots-toms1Nothing sings spring quite like exposing your toes.  When the weather finally gives you the opportunity to wear mandals, flip-flops, or canvas slips, your feet are thrilled to shed the thick, woolen socks of winter.  But unlike heavy winter boots, which are made to withstand a forceful 6 months of snow, sleet, and ice, warm-weather shoes are made to soak up summer sweat.

Which, by my calculations, just means that you need to have more summer shoes in your rotation.

TOMS shoes are one of my go-to footwear choices for sunny days.  Each pair of TOMS is created from a canvas upper and leather footbed, and sits on a textured EVA sole.  The styles are unisex, and the variations are many:  tie-dye, glitter, sailor, plaid, burlap, graffitti, fleece-lined and utilitarian brights.  If you get caught in a summer rainstorm, just leave them on the front porch to dry; step in mud puddle, and you can gently wash your TOMS in cold water to remove the dirt.  And if you’re wondering how to style them, TOMS look fantastic with wide-legged jeans, tiny skirts, and cargo shorts.

Best of all, TOMS is founded on the principle of one for one:  for each pair of TOMS purchased, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child in need.  TOMS shoe drops have distributed over 140,000 pairs of shoes around the globe.

The more you buy, the more you give.  Didn’t I tell you that you needed more than one pair?

For a limited time, enter SpringTOMS for 10% off at checkout.