octomom-tory-burch-flatsFirst things first:  I don’t know Octomom.  I don’t know anyone that knows Octomom.  I don’t even think I want to know Octomom.  (Five minutes alone in a room with her and all those sobbing babies would be enough to turn me into a sobbing baby.)

But there’s no denying that Octomom–the nickname given to Nadya Suleman after she gave birth to eight babies conceived through in vitro fertilization–has captured the world’s attention.  Despite reports that she was (and still is) receiving public financial assistance for her family, Octomom has made sure that she’s well-dressed, dropping an estimated $1500 on herself during one shopping spree, and sporting $200 Tory Burch flats in recent photos.

In an act of generosity (and publicity), clothing company Custom Kingdom offered Octomom’s brood free clothing for a year–an offer that she promptly rejected.  In a hint of what she might have up her sleeve, Suleman trademarked the name “Octomom,” which will be used in a line of Octomom-branded apparel for adults and kids.  (No word on whether the line will include maternity clothes.)  Given the fact that she’s also shopping a reality show about her life, we may see a lot more of Octomom’s style choices in the near future.