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There is no love being shown to Maria Sharapova’s green negliglee-inspired tennis dress (pictured below) at this year’s Australian Open. It looks like “she ran into a peacock,” one commenter wrote on the Busted Racquet blog. “That hideous dress was a portent of things to come,” another commenter wrote, alluding to Sharapova getting bounced out of the tournament in the first round with a stunning loss to Maria Kirilenko.

Worst of all? The strange-looking green tennis dress, which featured a flimsy, mesh-like slip thing (for lack of a better word) layered over her tennis dress was designed by Sharapova, who sketched the dress herself, just like a real fashion designer. (Watch Sharapova describe how she designed the dress in this video.)

What do you think — love it? Hate it? Whatever your thoughts, brace yourself for many more of Sharapova’s tennis dress creations to debut this year: Nike is launching its “Maria Sharapova Tennis Collection,” touting Sharapova’s status as a “fashionista” and “champion.” You can buy this one for $110.

federerReigning king of men’s tennis Roger Federer (sorry Nadal, but you’re down for the count) sparkled on the court yesterday, and not just because of his easy disposal of Taipei’s Yen-Hsun Lu in straight sets.

The formerly demure Federer, who has worn a preppy, cream blazer and grandpa cardigan to Wimbledon in previous years, donned an outfit worthy of a diva disco queen:  all white, punctuated by gold lamé Nike swooshes, including a waistcoat edged in gold.  Accented by a huge man bag with gold ends that looked, as The Times noted, like a “giant wrapped luxury chocolate.”  All this, topped by what the Telegraph called a “military-safari-raver” jacket.

Asked to explain (justify?) his look, Federer stated that he “went for a modern military look; hope people like it.”  As for their part, Nike, who clothes Federer, said his outfit was “more contemporary” while “still retaining the stylistic cues which make him stand out from the other players.”

And stand out he did:  between the epaulettes, gleaming zipper, and “RF” monograms, Golden General Federer took spectators’ breath away before his first swing of the racket.  Sports that wear uniforms, take heed:  you should be so lucky.

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