We all know that when a big budget Hollywood movie is set for release, they go into heavy promotional mode. What we’re used to are the premieres, photo shoots and feature interviews with the stars.

Shrek Forever After is set for in a few weeks on May 21, 2010. The people at Dreamworks decided to take a chance with VMan magazine.

The VMan feature, titled “Shrek of a Guy” resulted in a racy promo spread that has Dreamworks regretting its decision, according to FOXNews.com. This is stirring up a bit of a debate because, really, is your average kid going to be looking at VMan?

The shoot took place at New York’s Standard Hotel. Ellen von Unwerth was the photographer who did the shoot and Nicola Formichetti, who is now famous for outfitting Lady Gaga, styled it.

Here are the photos. Take a look at tells us what you think.

Is it weird, innovative or a bit of both?

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