With apologies to anyone who’s having the opposite temperature issue:  I’m hot.  You see, it topped 90 degrees in Florida this weekend, and our air conditioner put up permanent protest.  So from Friday afternoon until this morning, we’ve been sweltering in our highly humid house, keeping cool with a rotation of frozen margaritas, popsicles, and romps in our neighbor’s pool.

What to wear in such conditions?  As billowy and comfortable an outfit as possible.  A dress is your best bet; having as little fabric touch the body is key to allowing air to flow through.  Even bathing suits–trust me on this one–become cloying and sticky when worn dry.

If you’re lounging around the house en fuego (and not in the good way), you still don’t want to look like the flowing caftan lady of Del Boca Vista.  Go for flowy dresses in cotton or linen that still create some shape,  either through an empire waist, a loose belt, or fabric detailing.  Here are the dresses that I’ll be living in this summer:

1.  Victoria’s Secret Embroidered Dress–loose, but with intricate navy detailing and vertical stripes to drape your curves; 2.  Development Olga Sleeveless Trapeze Dress–”trapeze” means built in air conditioning; 3.  Hayden-Harnett Thea Dress–because this is two dresses in one, you can take the outer layer off to expose the tank dress underneath; 4.  Clu Pleated Skirt Tank Dress–the layers of ruffles stand out from the body (no clinging!) without poofing out your hips; 5.  Eryn Brinie Drawstring Waist Dress–my favorite of the bunch; 6.  Ella Moss Camille Dress–perfect for an overheated brunch with your in-laws; 7.  Joie Zoe Vintage Lace Long Dress–lace panels allows air to pass through, and the dark color means no chance of overexposure; 8.  Loeffler Randall Trig Dress–totally polished and work-worthy, for when the air conditioning goes out; 9.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Crosstown Stripe Dress–hello outdoor summer wedding!; 10.  Gypsy 05 Long Organic Alligator Maxi Dress–a flattering, bra-friendly favorite of the pregnant crowd.