Too hot for denim?  If so, then you’re wearing the wrong jeans.  If your idea of summer denim is peeling sticky dungarees from your legs, then read on.

levis-low-rise-bootcut-jeans-545White Jeans

White jeans are like the little black dresses of summer:  always appropriate, always chic.  Bootcuts are universally flattering, but wide-leg white sailor jeans work too.  Go boho French with a fitted, striped tee and ballet flats, or turn your jeans into an easy evening look with a flowy peasant blouse and high-heeled espadrilles.

express-denim-pencil-skirtDenim Skirts

A confession:  I wear my denim pencil skirt at least once a week, year round.  While the skirt is indeed dark and fitted (hello heat magnet!), my legs remain cool, since they’re not wrapped in tight, oppressive cloth.  Denim minis work too, but beware the too-short and too-tight, which will just make you look like a hot sausage.

gap-boyfriend-jeansBoyfriend Jeans

Love ’em or hate ’em, boyfriend jeans–loose and slouchy by design–are a surefire way to beat the heat.  If you roll your jeans at the ankles and keep the overall look slouchy with a tee that skims rather than hugs your body, you’re creating a well-ventilated silhouette.


So you probably haven’t worn chambray since 1992.  Time to revisit a classic:  styled as a tunic rather than a traditional button-down, a slightly rumpled chambray shirt is the perfect foil for a pair of short shorts and a showstopping necklace.


Need I say more?  Just make sure the holes are, um, well-placed.

And although those turquoise skinny jeans may look awfully tempting, save them for the fall, or an event when you’re lounging in air-conditioned comfort.  Sweat stains on the backs of your knees just aren’t pretty.