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Just a couple more days until Christmas, so it’s time to get that shopping done!  Of course, now ordering is a lost cause because the gift won’t arrive in time.  However, I’m going to list a few products with their links in the hopes that either 1) you live close enough to one of these stores so that you can zip out and get it or 2) that it gives you an idea for something you can get at a nearby store.

#1 – The Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask – $14.00.

I love sleep masks, and this one is a replica of the one Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  They’re great when you’re traveling to help you sleep a bit more sound. This one is satin lined with an elegant trim and terry backing.

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Christmas is fast approaching.

However, don’t fret!  We’re here to help you if you’ve been dragging or if you’re on the east coast and you’re snowed in. 😉

For those men in your life who can’t style themselves, why not sign them up for the Trunk Club?  Basically, they do it all for the man who hates to shop.

We do the shopping and the styling, ship product to you, and you keep only the items that fit well and look great. You pay retail prices and all of our services and shipping are free. We make money because we buy product at wholesale just like a retail store. You make out like a bandit because you never have to set foot in the dreaded shopping mall again.

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