Hopefully, this can become a regular feature on this blog.  We’ll see.

A few weeks ago I ran into Kim Stolz at an MTV event.  Kim is an alumna of Season 5 of America’s Next Top Model.  Since then she’s gone on to work as a VJ for mtvU and as an MTV news correspondent. In addition, she blogs for the Huffington Post, Fox Forum, and True Slant, and is a regular political commentator. On top of all of that she’s signed with Ford Models’ celebrity division.

I had a chance to speak to her about her charity work.  During the conversation she was both smart and funny.

She was gracious enough to agree also answer a few questions on fashion and style for OpenFashion.com.

Favorite Magazines:

Favorite Designers:

Kim said that Chris Benz was one of her favorites because his line is very sophisticated.  He does a lot of “fantastic pant and jacket combinations, beautiful dresses and great shirts”.  She said that Nicholas K is a “very new and very exciting designer. [He] does everything from casual to formal. Incredible dresses. I’d say that half of my dresses are from Nicholas K.” She went on to say that Nicholas K’s and Sally Tseng’s designs were somewhat similar. “She just does great outfits.” Lastly, regarding Walter, “I’ve been wearing Walter since my entire time at MTV.”

Celebrity style:

I also asked her about other celebrities and some of the specific styles she liked.  She was quick to answer that she liked the styles of Sienna Miller, Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart and Agyness Deyn.

Favorite Looks:

We then went on to discuss her favorite looks, “My heart is very much into the classic style. I was a very Ralph Lauren kind of kid, and now all of those designers [that she named] have a very sort of classic look to them. … I really love wearing the pant and blazer comibnations. The ones that Sally Tseng has are incredible.  I think there is an amazing outfit that Nicholas K does with this really long tuxedo blouse with a vest and a fantastic beige cotton jacket. You put that with some black leather pants and [it’s] amazing. I love dresses but I don’t like anything that’s too cute or bows or anything like that. I like sophisticated, cool, and different kind of dresses.”

In terms of current trends that she doesn’t care for, “I wish that people would stop wearing leggings.  I hate girls wearing fedoras.  I hate the whole weird…there is something wrong with so many people trying to dress like Gossip Girl. It’s just too much of the obvious trend.”  She wrapped it up by saying, “There aren’t that many things that bother me.  I just hate leggings to be honest.”

Thanks to Kim for giving us some insight into her favorites!