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At yesterday’s celebration of 10th Anniversary of the Body by Victoria collection in New York City, Victoria’s Secret Angels Marisa Miller, Alessandra Ambrosio, Emanuela de Paula and Lindsay Ellingson announced that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be back in the fashion capital this year.  The four supermodels also made an appearance on The Early Show to discuss the big news, their favorite bras, and body image.

The fantasy fashion show will feature all the gorgeous supermodels on the catwalk in the holiday-inspired lingerie, and also musical performances and behind-the-scenes coverage.  ” The sexiest show on earth” will be filmed in November, but air in December.  Will you be tuning in?

Disney has developed a fashion channel to feed through YouTube that is inspired by the tweens on their multitude of Disney channel shows. Loaded with a strong dose of the amazingly popular Jonas Brothers’ music and
looks, the show features all tweens prancing the catwalk in front of a young crowd.

The clothing features plaid patterns and layered looks of vests over unlikely dresses or frilled tops.

It’s typical Disney complete with fingerless gloves, gaudy plastic jewelry and bohemian patterns that mix and match.
The models of course are all kids from the Disney channel. The buzz is spreading fast as the video has all ready been viewed over 13,000 times on Youtube.

This is the first time Disney has made their fashion case directly to the tween audience over the internet and previewing the clothing which will be retailed at Target, JC Penney, Kmart, Sears, and Wal-Mart. The Youtube channel also has a Mickey Mouse Fashion Show playing.

Their target demographic is aimed at young adults who are still trapped in their child hood determined to wear a Mickey Mouse clothing line in their teens. Kelsey Ramos, blogger for the LA Times, chides Disney for overexposing its brands. “And who knows, it wouldn’t surprise me if next we saw Twitter updates about Disney food trucks selling Disneyland food around L.A.”. Come on Kelsey can you sing M-I-C-K-E-Y?

American’s love their pets and the most popular is of course is the dog.  Most of us have pretty normal owner/pet relationships but there are the exceptions.  You know the ones who refer to their dogs as their “soul mate” and you see them frenching their Chihuahua while sitting on their deck and speaking in a bizarre baby like language.  Those exceptions have been depicted on television as comedic relief and that is where the plague started to spread!  Now imagine this! There are doggie fashion shows not only in the good old US of A but the Asian world has caught on to the concept as well.

Recently, a Taiwan company broke out their new line of trendy doggie fashion with a live event in Taipei.  That is not the end of their evil, expansionist plans either.  They are planning to bring their swim suit wearing canine models to other countries, Australia, China (don’t they eat dogs in China?) and the always into the weird Japan.  We only have ourselves to blame with releases in American cinema of Beverly Hills Chihuahua which actually grossed $52 Million!  I can’t imagine the net was too bad either, I mean how much is screen actors guild scale for a pooch anyway?  Next thing you know we will be watching Michael Jackson the Movie starring Fifi Poodles….


rugby-by-ralph-laurenFile this information under superfluous, but fascinating:  The New York Times reports on a recent fashion show staged for high school seniors desperate to distinguish themselves from a slew of other college applicants (or perhaps just curious about the do’s and don’ts of admission interview style).  According to the Times article, the mastermind of the event was “Shannon Duff…an independent college admissions consultant in Greenwich, Conn., who charges families ‘in the range of’ $15,000 for the full breadth of her advice about the application process.”  (One would think that for $15,000, Duff would purchase the outfit and provide full hair and makeup, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.)

Along with Whitney Bragg, manager of the Rugby by Ralph Lauren store sponsoring the show, Duff styled one of her male models in yachting regalia:  seersuckers, a polo, and a crew sweatshirt.  One of her female models walked the runway in a fitted, ruffled blouse and madras skirt, topped by a tiny schoolboy blazer.

Shorts, you might ask? A mini-skirt?  Duff’s version of the on-campus college interview outfit signifies that skin is in–or is at least acceptable.

The New York Times showed photos of the models to Kenyon College admissions officer Jennifer Delahunty, who responded in kind:

“I looked at the photos and burst out laughing,” she wrote in an e-mail message. “This whole concept is insanity! The ultimate in ‘packaging’ a student.”

“What does this say to the student that is educationally pertinent — that how you look is as important as your transcript?” Ms. Delahunty added. “I no more pay attention to what a student is wearing at an interview than I check out the car they arrived in.”

“Be yourself,” she added. “Dress like yourself. If that’s a tie–great. If not, don’t wear one to an interview.” There were, she emphasized, no points taken off for jeans.

The moral of this story is, I think, to be yourself, but be the best version of yourself you can be.  If you’re a sailor from Nantucket, then by all means, rock the deck shoes.  But don’t feel the need to mold yourself into an imaginary version of an acceptable applicant.  If you’d like to interview wearing a wrinkled shirt, loose vest, and torn jeans, at least make sure they’re clean; if you want to wear a low-cut dress, then make sure there’s a modest bra underneath.  (Jiggling is seriously distracting.)

And if you’re still confused, then wear a suit.  Come fall, you’ll be slouching around in sweatpants anyway.