Wow! Um, now that New York Fashion Week is officially over, can we talk?

We at have been dutiful little Twitter bees and tweeting about the shows.  However, we’re avoiding the gossip.  Until now…

Perez Hilton didn’t wear any pants during one night of partying!  OMG!


Image via Glamour and Perez Hilton style scribble via OpenFashion 😉

Now look, it’s great for Lady Gaga to do the no pants thing. She’s unique.  It’s part of her “thing” and we love that.

However, when gossip bloggers start imitating her, we get a little scared.

Also, it’s amusing considering Perez has made a career of calling out celebs for their faux pas and bad wardrobe choices.

However, he has done this before, so maybe he’s just got a thing for running around with no pants.

We all know that Perez is a savvy media bunny. We’re very sure this has a lot to do with people talking and getting traffic over to his new fashion blog, Coco Perez.  Well congratulations, you got one link from us.

What do you think?

Progressive or just tragic?

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