American’s love their pets and the most popular is of course is the dog.  Most of us have pretty normal owner/pet relationships but there are the exceptions.  You know the ones who refer to their dogs as their “soul mate” and you see them frenching their Chihuahua while sitting on their deck and speaking in a bizarre baby like language.  Those exceptions have been depicted on television as comedic relief and that is where the plague started to spread!  Now imagine this! There are doggie fashion shows not only in the good old US of A but the Asian world has caught on to the concept as well.

Recently, a Taiwan company broke out their new line of trendy doggie fashion with a live event in Taipei.  That is not the end of their evil, expansionist plans either.  They are planning to bring their swim suit wearing canine models to other countries, Australia, China (don’t they eat dogs in China?) and the always into the weird Japan.  We only have ourselves to blame with releases in American cinema of Beverly Hills Chihuahua which actually grossed $52 Million!  I can’t imagine the net was too bad either, I mean how much is screen actors guild scale for a pooch anyway?  Next thing you know we will be watching Michael Jackson the Movie starring Fifi Poodles….