The Italians, who have always coveted the fact that their fashion is superior, have made the Fashion Industry very happy with a new labeling law similar to what we have in the US.  For years the clothing they have imported from overseas has not required to place the country of manufacture on the label.  Well, when your fashion lines are signature and the Chinese are not shy about copying other products and shipping them to your country you have to do something about it.  Really it is hard to believe our Italiano amici did not recognize this as a problem earlier.

Italy has lead for many years in the designer fashion and has not made a fuss much less taken legal action over other companies that tried to facsimile their product.  Now that we are all scrambling for a share of the consumers dollar that is actually being spent on clothes it has become an important issue.  Finally the Italian legislature has weighed in on the “Made in Italy” stamp because the European Union has done nothing.  I wonder if they fear upsetting the Chinese?