The Columbian designer
company Caffe has announced its intentions of taking the US by storm or by bikini!   Caffe swim wear was debuted at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim.   The line made a big impression on attendees and fashionistas world wide.  They brought a Bohemian styling penchant that most designers are catering to this year.  The suits colors which were circa 1960 are also a very popular choice especially with young adults who are their major target market.   Leaning more to floral patterns gave a distinct vintage look.  Many of the Hollister crowd would find the Brazilian style very attractive.

The international flavor in styling and the delivery of those products has continued to escalate over the past several years.  Since there are so many outlets available thanks to the internet designers who may have been obscured in the past, now are on an open world stage.  What’s great is trends are set and followed much more quickly than before.  You can see a suit that was on the catwalk one week showing up in your favorite boutique just a few weeks later.  I call it insta-fashion!  The American market is still the one of choice despite the recession of the past year.