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45th Annual National Magazine Awards

This is awesome!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about auctioning off a week internship at Vogue, attendance at a New York Fashion Week (NYFW) show and meeting Anna Wintour.  The proceeds will benefit the The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

Well, the auction ended yesterday and it went for $42,500!  It’s just great.

It seems that Anna now has a thing for auctions.  She has another auction on  This time the beneficiary will be  The Art of Elysium.  The Art of Elysium “encourages working actors, artists and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions.”  It’s a great cause and one can only hope that Anna’s éclat can again raise a big pot of cash for this charity.

The winner will get  a meet-and-greet along with tickets to a NYFW show, a Christian Louboutin gift certificate and bags from Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang.

The current bid is $5,000.  However, like before, we’ve got a long time before the auction ends.  You’ve got until Thursday, May 13th at 12pm to make a bid.

Even if these auctions are too steep for your wallet, I hope that Anna’s auctions will inspire her many fans to contribute to these or other good causes.

How exciting!

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Anna Wintour in the documentary feature film, The September Issue

I just heard about a great auction happening over at Anna Wintour, the world-famous editor of American Vogue, is giving away the week of a lifetime to the highest bidder.  This is what you’ll win:

Anna Wintour, the legendary editor of the world’s recognized fashion authority, Vogue, has joined the cause to help benefit the RFK Center by donating a priceless week-long experience at the revered magazine. Tailored to the individual interests and skill set of the auction winner, the week at Vogue will be as fascinating as it is informative.

As part of this experience, the winner of this dream package will get to attend a fashion show during New York’s Fashion Week.

Also included in this package:
The September Issue DVD
In Vogue
Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People
The World in Vogue: People, Parties, Places
The Teen Vogue Handbook

The proceeds from the auction will benefit The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.  The RFK Center is a living memorial dedicated to the causes that Robert F. Kennedy fought for.  The goal of the RFK center is “dedicated to advancing the human rights movement through providing innovative support to courageous human rights defenders around the world who have won the RFK Human Rights Award.” The center advances human rights through various programs including  human rights education advocacy programs and pushing for legislative reform of  juvenile justice systems.

Honestly, it’s great to see Anna putting the force of her fame and clout behind such a great cause.

As of Sunday, April 11th, the winning bid is $12,000.  However, bidding goes on for a few more days and ends on April 29 at 12:29:00 PM EDT.

If you’ve got the money to spare and want to have an unforgettable week in the offices of American Vogue, definitely click over and make a bid!  It’s for a great cause.

Here is a link to the auction at Anna Wintour, The Legendary Editor-in-Chief of VOGUE is Offering You the Opportunity of a Lifetime! Just Being Near Her Will Make You Chic

Nobody tells Oprah what to do … except maybe Vogue editor Anna “Nuclear” Wintour.

In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Wintour revealed that she suggested O lose 20 pounds before appearing on the cover of Vogue in 1998. Even more interesting: Oprah actually did it.

During the unaired segment, Wintour said, “It was a very gentle suggestion. I went to Chicago to visit Oprah, and I suggested that it might be an idea that she lose a little bit of weight.”

Just a fashion pro, making an aesthetic suggestion? Wintour went on to describe Minnesotans, whom she’d recently seen in the allegedly chubby flesh, as “little houses.” As TresSugar points out, Minneapolis, Minnesota is the third-most fit city in the country. Wintour’s adopted home of NYC? Fifth in the “top fattest cities” contest.

Not exactly the sort of honors Wintour wants to win, especially when she’s about to renegotiate her contract with Vogue. Fashion insiders (heck, fashion outsiders) have been rumbling about the odds that she’ll get ousted, in part because Vogue’s ad pages, like those of most print pubs, is shrinking faster than a teenage model on Master Cleanse.

Another controversial segment included Wintour’s well-known stance on fur: “I love fur! Fur is very much a part of the fashion industry.”
Hilariously, some have suggested that the interview was intended to soften her image. Non-bony animal rights activists probably weren’t charmed.

Should Wintour get the boot, the smart money is on Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue to replace her. A lot of fashion folk feel that Roitfeld’s dangerous aesthetic is more today than Wintour’s celebapalooza. However, what we want to know is, can Roitfeld play Marie Antoinette? Bad economy or no, there’s absolutely no replacement for someone like Wintour, who when asked to explain her sunglasses, said, “I can sit in a show and if I am bored out of my mind, nobody will notice.”

That’s glamor.