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Hopefully, this can become a regular feature on this blog.  We’ll see.

A few weeks ago I ran into Kim Stolz at an MTV event.  Kim is an alumna of Season 5 of America’s Next Top Model.  Since then she’s gone on to work as a VJ for mtvU and as an MTV news correspondent. In addition, she blogs for the Huffington Post, Fox Forum, and True Slant, and is a regular political commentator. On top of all of that she’s signed with Ford Models’ celebrity division.

I had a chance to speak to her about her charity work.  During the conversation she was both smart and funny.

She was gracious enough to agree also answer a few questions on fashion and style for

Favorite Magazines:

Favorite Designers:

Kim said that Chris Benz was one of her favorites because his line is very sophisticated.  He does a lot of “fantastic pant and jacket combinations, beautiful dresses and great shirts”.  She said that Nicholas K is a “very new and very exciting designer. [He] does everything from casual to formal. Incredible dresses. I’d say that half of my dresses are from Nicholas K.” She went on to say that Nicholas K’s and Sally Tseng’s designs were somewhat similar. “She just does great outfits.” Lastly, regarding Walter, “I’ve been wearing Walter since my entire time at MTV.”

Celebrity style:

I also asked her about other celebrities and some of the specific styles she liked.  She was quick to answer that she liked the styles of Sienna Miller, Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart and Agyness Deyn.

Favorite Looks:

We then went on to discuss her favorite looks, “My heart is very much into the classic style. I was a very Ralph Lauren kind of kid, and now all of those designers [that she named] have a very sort of classic look to them. … I really love wearing the pant and blazer comibnations. The ones that Sally Tseng has are incredible.  I think there is an amazing outfit that Nicholas K does with this really long tuxedo blouse with a vest and a fantastic beige cotton jacket. You put that with some black leather pants and [it’s] amazing. I love dresses but I don’t like anything that’s too cute or bows or anything like that. I like sophisticated, cool, and different kind of dresses.”

In terms of current trends that she doesn’t care for, “I wish that people would stop wearing leggings.  I hate girls wearing fedoras.  I hate the whole weird…there is something wrong with so many people trying to dress like Gossip Girl. It’s just too much of the obvious trend.”  She wrapped it up by saying, “There aren’t that many things that bother me.  I just hate leggings to be honest.”

Thanks to Kim for giving us some insight into her favorites!

Kelly Osbourne may not have won ‘Dancing With the Stars,” but she scored high marks for a wonderfully chunky, grey knit cap she wore during a rehearsal interview for the show. (See photo, below.)

Viewers wanted to know. Where did Kelly get that cute hat? “I got it at Barney’s Co-op,” the star Twittered. Made by designer, Anna Kula, the hat is called the “Knubby Beret” and retails for $150. “It’s grey Italian merino wool and super soft!” Kula tells In addition to grey, the Knubby Beret also comes in black and khaki. Its slouchy shape and chunky knit is flattering on everyone — and most important — is light enough that it won’t mash your hair down.

All of Kula’s adorable hats are handmade in New York City. Check out all of her designs at

It’s been a few years since a Julie Frederickson got unceremoniously tossed out of the Bryant Park tents for daring to interview Anna Wintour.  To Anna’s credit, however, she answered Frederickson’s questions.  It was the publicist, Kelly Cutrone, who went ballistic and tossed her.  My how things have changed!

As you know, has been on Twitter and Facebook for the last few weeks following the fashion week shows happening in New York, London, Milan and Paris. The shows, the clothes and the buzz are exciting and fun to keep up with.

However, once the shows got across the pond to Europe, the innovation kicked up a notch.

It started with Burberry Prorsum broadcasting live from London Fashion Week.

Screen shot from the live Burberry Prorsum show

screen shot from the live Burberry Prorsum show

Then in Milan Twitter simply blew up when Federico Marchetti, the CEO of an Internet site, and bloggers  BryanBoy, Tommy Ton, Garance Doré and Scott Schuman got the front row at the D&G show.

Today Alexander McQueen had brilliant webcast of his Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010 runway show today at 2:15pm Paris time. He paired with SHOWstudio, which is headed by photographer Nick Knight.  SHOWstudio is known for incorporating innovation into how they present fashion to the world and just opened a space in London a few weeks ago.

In an interview with WWD, McQueen talked about wanting to break new ground in how the public views fashion by making it more accessible.

“I want to break new ground in the way the public sees and understands fashion,” McQueen told Women’s Wear Daily, fashion’s top trade journal. “I want to generate something for a wider audience,” he added, acknowledging he is embracing new media such as Twitter with great passion. Weary of seeing snippets of his shows on YouTube, he joked, “Really, what I’m aiming for is world domination.” (quote from Alexander McQueen brings once-exclusive show online)

If you missed it, the webcast link is up on McQueen’s website: Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis Spring/Summer 2010 webcast.

Hopefully, it will stay up so that everyone who wants to see if gets a chance. It’s a great 17 minutes.

screen shot of the beginning of the McQueen SS10 show

screen shot of the beginning of the McQueen SS10 show

screen shot of the end of the McQueen show

screen shot of the end of the McQueen show

You can follow McQueen on Twitter at @McQueenWorld and SHOWstudio here @SHOWstudio.  Both McQueen and SHOWstudio get top marks for innovation. The runway setup and video cameras on rails just made it all a great show.

Burberry and McQueen aren’t alone. Others are planning to join this web trend.

  • Louis Vuitton has been promoting its planned October 7th show very aggressively on Facebook: Louis Vuitton Women Spring/Summer 2010 Live Fashion Show on Facebook. Last I checked, there were over 46,000 people who’d RSVPed that they’d “attend”.  Since we all know 46,000 people won’t be there in person, that means all of these people have indicated they’ll watch the webcast.  People will have 24 hours to view the show.  Then, I guess, the video will be taken down.

LV Live on FB

Let’s see how many make the time to tune in tomorrow live.  There were so many people trying to view McQueen’s show that there simply wasn’t enough bandwidth and many didn’t have a chance to view it live. If the response to the Vuitton show is similar to McQueen’s the same thing might happen.

We’re witnessing the democratization of fashion, and that’s incredibly exciting!

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