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After last year’s recession-reserved red carpet styles, the 2010 awards season is showing us a crop of much more daring choices.

The colors covered the range and included whites, neutrals, bold brights and blacks coupled with romantic details like beading, dramatic drapes, pretty ruffles and delicate flounces.

Everyone was a lot more comfortable taking a risk. Most of those risks paid off.

Here are’s top 10 best dressed and a couple of honorable mentions.

The Top 10

Drew Barrymore’s champagne Atelier Versace  gown:

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

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image from the - (l-r) Donna Karan; Norma Kamali; Ralph Lauren; Getty Images; Donna Karan; Getty Images; Elie Tahari; Tommy Hilfiger

One benefit of having a fashion blogger who is also a tech geek and tech blogger is more topics!  I just wrote a post over at The Next Web titled: 20 Fashion Apps for the iPhone. Of course, you can check it out there (in fact, please check it out there too.)

Here I get to sort through that list with more of a fine-toothed comb. For you lovelies, I’ve ranked them by iTunes ranking and have thrown in five more I think look good.

Here you go!

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Reversible Infinity Scarf

I have to admit between it just being incredibly cold for the last few days in Manhattan and seeing a great post about infinity scarves on Coutorture, I need to have my say on these great winter accessories.

I’ve seen these around. I just love them.  The best real-world wearing of one was when I saw Travis McCoy at a party a few weeks ago.

This season I’m running around with two puffer coats with the best hoods on earth, so I’ve not bought an infinity scarf for myself.  However, I’m getting weak. When I’m weak, that means I start browsing around online to see what’s out there, so let me share my online browsing with you. Read the rest of this entry »

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) named Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn Woman and Man of the Year for 2009.   They were chosen because of their exemplary examples in promoting causes that PETA supports.

In 2008 Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, decided to go vegan.  In the pursuit of this choice, Ellen has also been active in educating the public on veganism:

…ever since she and her wife, Portia De Rossi, decided to ditch all animal products in 2008, Ellen has made sure that her wildly popular talk show includes features to raise people’s awareness of animal issues.

In addition to educating the public via her show, PETA also notes that, “Ellen also created pages on her Web site that feature insight, info, and tips about cruelty-free living. Visitors can find recipes, read about why Ellen went vegan, learn where to shop, and more.”

The man of the year is Project Runway’s Tim Gunn. As mentioned, Tim narrated the PETA video named “Fashion Victims” in 2009.

The connoisseur of class, the guru of good taste, the titan of tact (I could go on all afternoon with these) narrated our video exposing skin-crawling atrocities suffered by animals who are slaughtered for their pelts, and the media have been buzzing ever since. Tim recently told the L.A. Times, “Wearing fur is like wearing a big sign reading, ‘I’m in favor of inflicting cruelty and pain on animals as a fashion statement.’ Unspeakable torture is inflicted on dogs, cats, bunnies, raccoons, foxes, minks, and myriad trapped, helpless creatures in the name of fashion—yes, dogs and cats.”

In addition to that Tim Gunn is the chief creative officer for Liz Claiborne and there is “zero fur” in that line.  In addition, they credit the absence of challenges involving fur from Project Runway to Tim’s influence.

Maybe this will influence more notable names in fashion to openly reject fur.

What do you think?  Will Gunn’s influence more fashionable people to reject fur?

Source:’s Blog – The PETA Files – PETA Names Man and Woman of the Year

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It’s that time of the year.  It’s cold out there, and that means it’s time to bundle up.

Winter is fun because of all the fun cold weather accessories.

Here are a few cute winter hats and headbands to keep you warm and get you compliments this winter.  Most are inexpensive and even cheap.

#1 – Mossimo® Faux Fur Hat – Grey – $14.99 at

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Just a couple more days until Christmas, so it’s time to get that shopping done!  Of course, now ordering is a lost cause because the gift won’t arrive in time.  However, I’m going to list a few products with their links in the hopes that either 1) you live close enough to one of these stores so that you can zip out and get it or 2) that it gives you an idea for something you can get at a nearby store.

#1 – The Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask – $14.00.

I love sleep masks, and this one is a replica of the one Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  They’re great when you’re traveling to help you sleep a bit more sound. This one is satin lined with an elegant trim and terry backing.

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It’s been a hard year for a lot of us.  However, we still want to look nice when we go out to celebrate the holidays.

Here are a few fabulous but cheap pieces to add to your holiday style.

From Target: Women’s Mossimo® Irina Dress Sandal – Gold.

Women's Mossimo® Irina Dress Sandal - Gold

This cute gold sandal will cost you only $22.99.

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Christmas is fast approaching.

However, don’t fret!  We’re here to help you if you’ve been dragging or if you’re on the east coast and you’re snowed in. 😉

For those men in your life who can’t style themselves, why not sign them up for the Trunk Club?  Basically, they do it all for the man who hates to shop.

We do the shopping and the styling, ship product to you, and you keep only the items that fit well and look great. You pay retail prices and all of our services and shipping are free. We make money because we buy product at wholesale just like a retail store. You make out like a bandit because you never have to set foot in the dreaded shopping mall again.

Nice, eh?  Here is video to give you a visual on what they do: Read the rest of this entry »

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Rodarte has designed a collection for Target which will go on sale from December 20th to January 31st.

Here is a video from shot by 13 year old, Tavi Gevinson, writer of the Style Rookie blog.  She caught up with Kate and Laura Mulleavy as they were out in “the middle of nowhere”, aka North Dakota, shooting the ad campaign for the collection.

This collaboration is inspired by a trio of films: Harold and Maude, Bonnie and Clyde and Rosemary’s Baby.  The pieces will be priced between $9.99 to $79.99. As the muse for the line, Tavi has worked with the Mulleavy sisters since August.  What a lucky girl!

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Hopefully, this can become a regular feature on this blog.  We’ll see.

A few weeks ago I ran into Kim Stolz at an MTV event.  Kim is an alumna of Season 5 of America’s Next Top Model.  Since then she’s gone on to work as a VJ for mtvU and as an MTV news correspondent. In addition, she blogs for the Huffington Post, Fox Forum, and True Slant, and is a regular political commentator. On top of all of that she’s signed with Ford Models’ celebrity division.

I had a chance to speak to her about her charity work.  During the conversation she was both smart and funny.

She was gracious enough to agree also answer a few questions on fashion and style for

Favorite Magazines:

Favorite Designers:

Kim said that Chris Benz was one of her favorites because his line is very sophisticated.  He does a lot of “fantastic pant and jacket combinations, beautiful dresses and great shirts”.  She said that Nicholas K is a “very new and very exciting designer. [He] does everything from casual to formal. Incredible dresses. I’d say that half of my dresses are from Nicholas K.” She went on to say that Nicholas K’s and Sally Tseng’s designs were somewhat similar. “She just does great outfits.” Lastly, regarding Walter, “I’ve been wearing Walter since my entire time at MTV.”

Celebrity style:

I also asked her about other celebrities and some of the specific styles she liked.  She was quick to answer that she liked the styles of Sienna Miller, Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart and Agyness Deyn.

Favorite Looks:

We then went on to discuss her favorite looks, “My heart is very much into the classic style. I was a very Ralph Lauren kind of kid, and now all of those designers [that she named] have a very sort of classic look to them. … I really love wearing the pant and blazer comibnations. The ones that Sally Tseng has are incredible.  I think there is an amazing outfit that Nicholas K does with this really long tuxedo blouse with a vest and a fantastic beige cotton jacket. You put that with some black leather pants and [it’s] amazing. I love dresses but I don’t like anything that’s too cute or bows or anything like that. I like sophisticated, cool, and different kind of dresses.”

In terms of current trends that she doesn’t care for, “I wish that people would stop wearing leggings.  I hate girls wearing fedoras.  I hate the whole weird…there is something wrong with so many people trying to dress like Gossip Girl. It’s just too much of the obvious trend.”  She wrapped it up by saying, “There aren’t that many things that bother me.  I just hate leggings to be honest.”

Thanks to Kim for giving us some insight into her favorites!