There is no love being shown to Maria Sharapova’s green negliglee-inspired tennis dress (pictured below) at this year’s Australian Open. It looks like “she ran into a peacock,” one commenter wrote on the Busted Racquet blog. “That hideous dress was a portent of things to come,” another commenter wrote, alluding to Sharapova getting bounced out of the tournament in the first round with a stunning loss to Maria Kirilenko.

Worst of all? The strange-looking green tennis dress, which featured a flimsy, mesh-like slip thing (for lack of a better word) layered over her tennis dress was designed by Sharapova, who sketched the dress herself, just like a real fashion designer. (Watch Sharapova describe how she designed the dress in this video.)

What do you think — love it? Hate it? Whatever your thoughts, brace yourself for many more of Sharapova’s tennis dress creations to debut this year: Nike is launching its “Maria Sharapova Tennis Collection,” touting Sharapova’s status as a “fashionista” and “champion.” You can buy this one for $110.