Christmas is fast approaching.

However, don’t fret!  We’re here to help you if you’ve been dragging or if you’re on the east coast and you’re snowed in. 😉

For those men in your life who can’t style themselves, why not sign them up for the Trunk Club?  Basically, they do it all for the man who hates to shop.

We do the shopping and the styling, ship product to you, and you keep only the items that fit well and look great. You pay retail prices and all of our services and shipping are free. We make money because we buy product at wholesale just like a retail store. You make out like a bandit because you never have to set foot in the dreaded shopping mall again.

Nice, eh?  Here is video to give you a visual on what they do:

More info on them in this video: Men’s Online Shopping Club

Now it’s time for something for the ladies (okay, I lie, there is one thing for the guys too).  If you know someone who loves J.Crew you CAN’T pass these options up. J.Crew has a series of “of the month” clubs.

Basically, what is your loved one’s obsession?  They’ll send this person something hand-picked just for them for twelve months!

This is great for that man or woman in your life that’s been very good.

  • Cashmere of the Month Club: This wonderful package costs $1,800 for a whole year’s worth of “keepsake cashmere sweaters” delivered to her door every month.  Okay, it’s not cheap but if you divide that by 12 and it’s not bad for 12 cashmere sweaters.  The same applies for all of their clubs of the month.  Do the math and on a month by month basis, you’re getting a pretty good deal considering it’s J.Crew.
  • Jewelry of the Month: This package costs 850.00.  They’ll get a different piece of jewelry every month. It will be a variety of bracelets and necklaces.
  • Shoe of the Month: This package costs $1,800.00. You provide the shoe size, and let them know if you want flats, heels or a mixture through out the year.  They’ll do the rest.
  • Tie of the Month: This package costs $225.00. This is great because high-end ties can cost much more for just one.  That great guy will get a hand-picked tie for 12 months!

I’ve linked the one club I could find online.  However, to order these just give J.Crew a call at 1-800-205-3877

Source – Racked L.A.: The Gift That Keeps On Giving: J. Crew Of-The-Month-Club