Kelly Osbourne may not have won ‘Dancing With the Stars,” but she scored high marks for a wonderfully chunky, grey knit cap she wore during a rehearsal interview for the show. (See photo, below.)

Viewers wanted to know. Where did Kelly get that cute hat? “I got it at Barney’s Co-op,” the star Twittered. Made by designer, Anna Kula, the hat is called the “Knubby Beret” and retails for $150. “It’s grey Italian merino wool and super soft!” Kula tells In addition to grey, the Knubby Beret also comes in black and khaki. Its slouchy shape and chunky knit is flattering on everyone — and most important — is light enough that it won’t mash your hair down.

All of Kula’s adorable hats are handmade in New York City. Check out all of her designs at