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I’ve been a fan of Bag, Borrow or Steal, now known as Avelle, since I first heard the concept behind their business.  It’s a company that rents high-end accessories like purses, jewelry and watches.

  • You join.
  • You have the option of paying a yearly fee (which will reduce your rental rates) or paying as you go.
  • You can choose from a section of bags and other high-end accessories.
  • They mail it to you.
  • You have time to use it and then return it.

Isn’t that just a clever idea? There really is no guilt or regret when you use a service like this.

Is there this great designer bag or watch that you just MUST try? With you can.

I see it as getting the use of high-end products without having to pay the high-end product price. In a time where funds are really tight, maybe test driving accessories before you buy them or even just test driving accessories instead of buying them is the better option. Also, if you’re a deal seeker, Avelle offers used accessories for sale at up to 70% off. Since the items are authenticated, you know they’re real. Since the items are used, you know you’ll be getting a cheaper price.

What can be better than that?

Well, brace yourselves because Avelle has paired with the Bryant Park Hotel in New York, NY. They’re offering concierge accessory services to Bryant Park Hotel guests.

What does this mean? In this climate of long check-ins for air travel and stricter controls on bags, it’s simply easier to pack light and leave accessories at home. However, even though I’ve done a lot of traveling, I still pack more than I need. That’s expensive to do these days.

This service can help someone who is time and cost conscious for sure.  I won’t claim it will reduce your carbon footprint, but it might. If you want options, and you want to dress up without having to go through the trouble of buying something new when you arrive, you can still have that with this service.

Here is their description of the process:

Upon making a reservation at the Bryant Park Hotel, all guests currently residing in the United States will receive an email containing information about the hotel’s partnership with Avelle, including information on redeeming 25% off their rental fees and free shipping, as well as a direct link to Once guests have browsed through the website and accessorized their trips, they can then focus on the rest of their packing, knowing that the beautiful handbags and jewelry they’ve selected will be waiting for them at The Bryant Park Hotel upon arrival. At the end of their stay, guests simply return their borrowed items to the hotel concierge – no shipping, packing or post office required – who ensures the items are returned to Avelle.

I live in NYC, so I won’t be needing this service. However, I’d seriously consider it if I were going to stay at the Bryant Park Hotel.

Maybe Avelle is working on partnerships with hotels across the country? I hope so.

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