John Hughes died of a heart attack at the young age of 59! Hughes movies entertained a generation with their teens set against school life. He had hit after hit in the 1980s that were all box office bonanzas! Movies set fashion trends in an instant. How many kids started combing their hair down in bangs after the Beatles “Hard Day’s Night” was released in the 60s? The same hats and bracelets that Molly Ringwald wore in “Pretty in Pink” popped up on every girl mincing down the hall in high schools everywhere the week that movie for John Hughes was released.

The Breakfast Club brought Judd Nelson in his baggy shirts with fingerless gloves, tank tops for jocks and made nerds cool by the outfits worn by the five variations of teenage roles portrayed in that film. This gave birth to a uniform of identity for different cliques that would spring up in each class. People made a statement of who they were and what they wanted out of life by the fashion they chose to follow. The “drop out” crowd clad in baggy jeans, boots and leather jewelry. The “in” crowd of jocks with tank tops, tight jeans and converse shoes. These movies made such a huge impact and captured our imagination but the fashion and the stereotyping that followed it has stayed with us even today. Take these models and go look around at your school this fall!

(Source: LA Times)