isaac-mizrahiAs if his other jobs designing for Target, Liz Claiborne, and his eponymous line weren’t enough, Isaac Mizrahi spins his recent TV stint judging Bravo’s The Fashion Show into a deal with QVC to star in a “talk show-meets-hawk show.” Followers of Mizrahi know how hilarious and captivating he can be (full disclosure:  I’ve been a huge fan since the movie Unzipped came out in ’94), so if there’s any personality who can anchor 8 hours a month on a TV station better known for its shiny product lines ending in -ique, it’s him.

On a set that is currently being built at his NYC studio, Mizrahi will sell everything from cheesecake to furniture, in between segments that see Mizrahi take questions from callers and chat about his life.  Doug Howe, chief merchandiser for QVC, recalls that he was

“…fascinated by the way Mr. Mizrahi spoke, leaping from tea patterns to sheets then rain boots. ‘We were just sitting there watching him talk, thinking, ‘My God! On air, you are going to resonate so strongly with our consumers!’ ”

But will Mizrahi’s goods for QVC sell?  The TV network is banking on it:  first-quarter sales fell 10%, and all signs point to QVC’s hope that Mizrahi will do for its bottom line what he has done with rescuing Liz Claiborne’s company from its creative and financial drought.  Despite some stumbles in his early career, Mizrahi has proven as of late that his designs–and ultimately, the Isaac Mizrahi brand–can make money.

One thing’s for sure:  I’ll be watching.  The man’s selling goat cheese cake.

photo credit:  QVC