robert-pattinson-megan-foxIn a coupling that would make teenage boys and girls weep with the force of 1000 vampire tears, Megan Fox–tattooed, potty-mouthed, and recklessly hot–and Robert Pattinson–well-coiffed heartthrob and star of many an adolescent locker–are said to be, well, hooking up.

Who knows if this is true; and for the purposes of a fashion blog, who really cares?  The real story here is in the clothes.

On her recent publicity tour for her summer blockbuster Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen, Fox made appearances in luscious red lips, hourglassed fuschia frocks, and leggy, backless evening gowns.  Translation:  I have a smokin’ bod.  Na na na na boo boo.

Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, often sports the uniform of a louche man-about-town:  slim suits, high hair, the sly look of a man-boy on the prowl.  The star of the Twilight franchise rocks a self-professed “expensive but disheveled” look, which often results in an outfit of all-black.  Translation:  don’t look at me.  But hey:  why aren’t you looking?

Are these two rising style stars compatible?  While Pattinson channels a certain under-the-radar Hollywood glam–think Clooney, not dandy–Fox is working the Angelina Jolie-via-Jennifer Lopez look.  Sound combustible?  That’s because this pairing probably is.