michael-jackson-crotchSince Michael Jackson’s untimely death last week, MJ fashion retrospectives have been popping up like daisies on headstones.  Which is a good thing:  the man was a style and music icon, and this part of his legacy should be celebrated.

But why read about the man and his myth when you can walk around dressed like him?  After all, that’s what uber-fan and long-time MJ friend Corey Feldman did upon hearing of Jackson’s death.  80’s fashion has definitely experienced a resurgence as of late, but in a post-Michael Jackson world, even wearing your gold thong on the outside of your pants is fair game.  Right, Lady GaGa?

So if you want to look like the King of Pop, minus the kid dangling off the balcony, try these three easy pieces:

michael-jackson-stageAviator Sunglasses

Faithful to his mirrored look until the end, Michael Jackson almost singlehandedly popularized aviators in the early 1980’s.  (To properly credit another cultural touchstone of the 80s, I’m sure the movie Top Gun didn’t hurt aviator sales either.)

Statement Jacket

Sequined or lamé, military or leather, the man understood the power of a dramatic topper.  Often thrown over nothing but a simple black t-shirt or white button-down, the jackets proclaimed flash, while expressing at the same time an understanding of the fact that fashion is nothing but layers that can be peeled off to reveal a basic human core.

The Glove

In lieu of explanation (does this really need any?), I’ll leave you with an anecdote:  after learning of MJ’s death, all the doctors and nurses at our local hospital wore one glove.  The solo glove was Michael Jackson’s universal signifier; what it signified, like much of Michael Jackson’s life, we’ll never be sure.