Farrah-FawcettRIP, Farrah:  at the young age of 62, style icon Fawcett passed away today after a long battle with cancer.  Besides the family, friends, and film legacy she leaves behind, there will be her eternal status as a style icon.  And oh, the fashion…

Let’s start with her hair.  As a child born of the 70s, I remember our tiny black-and-white TV broadcasting the hit show “Charlie’s Angels”  (way past my bedtime, of course).  Although the picture wasn’t even in color, Farrah’s hair seemed to glow; as big as the top half of the screen, her highlighted wings were a character of their own.  A few years later, I whined to my mother that I hated my own blonde locks, and wanted glorious brown hair like Brooke Shields.  Repressing a gasp, she replied, “Honey, you have Farrah hair.  Be happy.”

On to her clothes:  she wore tight, silky jumpsuits; t-shirts without bras; fitted, high-waisted, not-mom jeans; and infamously, a red bathing suit that dads around the world wished they could pin up on their bedroom wall.  (There’s a reason why the Baywatch girls ran around the beach in red one-pieces.)  Photos of her outfits would slide almost seamlessly into today’s fashion magazines.  We can see now that what seemed like trends spawned by a hit TV series ended up being timeless.

So here’s to you, Farrah:  may our memories of you always be as smiling and golden as the pictures.