In honor of the summer’s most beloved tradition–basking in the sun–here are four sunscreens that will cover your needs from head to toe.  (And take heed of our friendly advice:  double up on facial protection by wearing a hat, and remember that everyone, regardless of skin tone, needs to slather up before heading outdoors.)

bullfrog-kids-sunblock-marathon-mist-continuous-spray1.  Bull Frog Kids Sunblock Marathon Mist Continuous Spray SPF 36

If I only had to purchase one kind of sunscreen for the rest of my life, this would be it.  I use it on my daughter religiously, and for good reason:  it sprays on evenly, dries immediately, and smells watermelony fantastic.  Translation:  the continuous spray allows you to do an entire little body all at once without stopping to rub the sunscreen in, so it takes about 2 minutes to coat wriggly toddlers.  Plus, it lasts for at least 3 hours in the water, which by my calculations (I live in FL, so that makes me a sun expert) is far longer than other “waterproof” brands.

aveeno-sunblock-spray-continuous-protection2.  Aveeno Sunblock Spray Continuous Protection SPF 70

This stuff is gentle and lightweight, yet seems to protect forever.  (Don’t let that fool you into forgetting to reapply.)  Like the Bullfrog, but for grown-ups that don’t want to smell like a daiquiri.

alba-hawaiian-sunscreen3.  Alba Hawaiian Sunscreen Green Tea SPF 30+

If you’re not into the sunscreen-in-a-spray-bottle routine, my recommendation is Alba’s non-greasy lotion.  This organic sunscreen has an unusual finish:  it goes on thick, but dries down almost to a powder.  As a bonus, it smells fresh, and is free of most of the chemical ingredients that cause breakouts and skin irritation.

neutrogena-ultra-sheer-sunblock4.  Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock SPF 85

Need a sunscreen that will work under your makeup?  Look no further than Neutrogena:  this super-light lotion mattifies the skin much like a primer, so that your foundation goes on smoothly.  Provides good peace of mind, whether your top makeup layer is SPF 15 or SPF 50.