Both pants and undies are erring more toward full coverage these days, but that hasn’t stopped the city of Yakima, Wash. from fining thong flashers.

The law was proposed by Yakima mayor Dave Elder after several local coffee shops hired scantily clad baristas to push their products. (Hilariously, the Sun refers to this trend of using sex to sell coffee as “sexpresso” and claim it’s a country-wide trend. We hit our local Starbucks every day and haven’t seen so much as a bra strap, so take that with a grain of salt.)

The city now has the right to impose fines of more than $1200 and/or imprison violators of the new law – regardless of whether the offenders are employees or, say, just a citizen of Yakima out for a stroll in a see-through dress.

Some residents (presumably ones with a love of brief briefs) protested the new law:

One woman said Mr Elder was trying to impose Taliban like conditions on the city.

“For those who do not have horse’s blinders on, it’s the society that prohibits that ends up being like the Taliban,” said one woman in a posting to the local newspaper.

Another wrote: “A thong or G-string – regardless of whether they are working at a coffee stand – could be prosecuted.

“That is ridiculous! Why doesn’t the city decide what kind of haircuts are acceptable?”

For now, though, Mayor Elder remains firm. He claims the law isn’t intended to regulate the clothing of ordinary citizens, and feels that it will cut down on crime associated with “adult businesses.”

We’re left to wonder, though, where was Mayor Elder in the ’90s, when we really needed him?

Photo courtesy of Still I Rise.