I’m no stranger to suffering for fashion. I’ve crammed my feet into stilettos and stuffed my legs into skinny jeans, and let’s not even talk about the underwear situation, because it’s just too gruesome. (Can someone start a panty-line trend, please? I’m ready to toss both boy short and thong out the window.)

Until recently, though, it never occurred to me that my fascination with fashion could be hazardous to my health.

And this is why Parmeeta Gorman’s story scares the too-tight pants right off me.

Ms. Gorman, whose familiarity with uncomfy trends has led her to don “five-inch stilettos, too-heavy handbags, a wedding dress that seemingly weighed as much as a small child” and other horrors, was dining at a friends’ home when she felt a tingly sensation in her thighs. When she stood up, she couldn’t feel her legs at all.

This was because her skinny jeans had cut off lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which is truly the most horrifying sentence I’ve read in a style piece in some time.

The good news is, it’s not usually permanent. Give the nerve a chance and it will return to normal.

You gotta wonder, though, will skinny jean enthusiasts be able to let their beloved fad go? Take our friend Parmeeta, for example:

“I’m the kind of person who buys shoes two sizes too small just because they’re cute –and they’re on sale,” says Ghoman.

We’re not saying you’re that kind of person, but if you are, it might be time to expand your personal style directive.

The Huffington Post points out that stylish first ladies Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni are fans of flat shoes. Of course, Mrs. O and Mrs. Sarkozy are 37 feet tall, so they can afford to tromp around in flip-flops if they choose.

Photo courtesy of  The Makeover Guy.