Imagine this: instead of hovering around the big white tents at Fashion Week, hoping that someone More Important Than You drops their badge so you can sneak into a show, you actually walk in and choose an available seat. And three of your friends can come too.

And instead of whispering your preferences to the person perched on the uncomfortable chair next to you, you can whip out your mobile phone and order the outfit right from the runway. Spring for quick shipping, and you can be wearing the (shockingly) affordable styles in a few days, instead of the usual two-season turnaround for couture.

fashion-walker-mobile-fashionSound fantastic? These accessible, mobile fashion shows are well within the realm of reality, and will probably be coming to the US soon. Already the rage in Japan, the Tokyo Girls Collection has shown in Paris, and will travel to China this year. Often held in stadiums or other large venues that can accommodate upwards of 20,000 fashion fans, these shows feature what one article calls ” ‘real clothes’ – functional, everyday apparel,” as opposed to the often outrageous, semi-wearable clothing that struts down the runway at more well-known design houses’  fashion shows.

To place an order during the show, fashionistas simply send a text message or click through to the show’s host,, which is designed to be accessible via mobile phone or computer. The mastermind of the show, Tokyo-based startup Xavel, Inc. also runs the online fashion magazine, which showcases designers and looks that end up on the runways.

Let’s just hope that these stadiums have really, really fast Wi-Fi.