I spent years looking for a decent, not-too-expensive sunblock I could wear on my face without breaking out or looking too greasy. It was my holy grail of products, and proved so elusive, I nearly despaired of ever finding it.

I scanned my favorite sites, pored over magazines, and hit up all my best fashion-forward friends. No one had any great suggestions for me, other than to double up on my moisturizer or buy foundation with SPF in it and hope for the best.


None of this was helpful. I’m a pale lady. There is SPF in everything I own – moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, even my powder. Trouble is, even if I wear every product I own everyday (which I don’t, because I’m not the prom queen) I’m still unlikely to use enough on every exposed part of my face to really protect myself from the sun.

Then, during a normal spending spree at Sephora, I stumbled across Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector and my days of risking either pizza-face or skin cancer came to an end.

This stuff is magic. I’ve worn it for a year now and it does exactly what it says: Totally blocks the sun’s wrinklefying rays and doesn’t leave your punim looking like an oil slick. It comes in both SPF 25 and SPF 40. (I use the latter.) It also doesn’t smell especially “sunscreeny,” which is nice.

Cons? At $17.50, it’s not the cheapest thing you’ll ever put on your face, and as for Clinique’s claim that it makes a good primer for makeup, well, I can’t say I’ve noticed a big difference with this (or any) primer.

One tube will last you at least three months, though, so it’ll get you through the summer. If you like it as much I did, you might find yourself wearing it all year round.