big-blue-dots-toms1Nothing sings spring quite like exposing your toes.  When the weather finally gives you the opportunity to wear mandals, flip-flops, or canvas slips, your feet are thrilled to shed the thick, woolen socks of winter.  But unlike heavy winter boots, which are made to withstand a forceful 6 months of snow, sleet, and ice, warm-weather shoes are made to soak up summer sweat.

Which, by my calculations, just means that you need to have more summer shoes in your rotation.

TOMS shoes are one of my go-to footwear choices for sunny days.  Each pair of TOMS is created from a canvas upper and leather footbed, and sits on a textured EVA sole.  The styles are unisex, and the variations are many:  tie-dye, glitter, sailor, plaid, burlap, graffitti, fleece-lined and utilitarian brights.  If you get caught in a summer rainstorm, just leave them on the front porch to dry; step in mud puddle, and you can gently wash your TOMS in cold water to remove the dirt.  And if you’re wondering how to style them, TOMS look fantastic with wide-legged jeans, tiny skirts, and cargo shorts.

Best of all, TOMS is founded on the principle of one for one:  for each pair of TOMS purchased, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child in need.  TOMS shoe drops have distributed over 140,000 pairs of shoes around the globe.

The more you buy, the more you give.  Didn’t I tell you that you needed more than one pair?

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