norma-luisa-for-kartell-jelly-flatsThe daily e-mail from one of my favorite shopping blogs, the venerable Best Bets Daily, pointed us in the direction of design house Kartell’s new Glue Cinderella jelly flats.  First things first:  the shoes are adorable.  They lead with an adorable snub toe, and the heel is shaped like a star, so theoretically you could load up your shoes with paint and turn a night of dancing into performance art.  (Because the shoes are rubber, they would be easy to sponge off.)  Plus, the cheerful Crayola colors are like fruit punch for your feet.

So far, so good.  But:  flashbacks from my painful preteen days remind me that jelly shoes weren’t exactly, well, comfortable.   While the Kartell version doesn’t have quite the strappy complications that 80’s jellies did, they’re still rubber, which could be sticky in the summer.  So inquiring minds want to know:  would you be willing to take a risk–$101 USD plus shipping from Europe, to be exact–on these one-season wonders?

pierre-hardy-for-gap-three-strap-platform-sandalsAnother iconic designer producing an unexpected collection is Pierre Hardy designing for Gap.  Hardy’s designs are usually priced in the stratosphere, so a pair of his shoes ringing in at under $100 USD is news indeed.  These Heidi-goes-disco platform sandals have been much discussed on the internet, so I’ll sum up the reaction with a quote from Grechen of Grechen’s Closet:  “I’m only just a little wary of the white sole. I mean, white?”  I’m in agreement with Grechen (on whose site you can actually vote yay or nay); especially paired with the green suede straps, the white sole is just so…white.  Are you intrigued, or just fatigued?